Day 1 Roundup

SCO Kyle Smith Photo: WCF/Richard Gray
Russian Women Photo: WCF/Richard Gray
USA Jnr Men Photo: WCF/Richard Gray
KOR Jnr Women Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Both nations defending their titles at the World Junior Curling Championships which started on Wednesday in Flims, Switzerland had good opening days, with each of them winning their first two round-robin games.

The Russian women beat Italy by 9-5 in their opener and followed that up with a 6-4 victory over Sweden. Scotland are the men's champions and they opened with a 9-4 win over Austria, a new nation at this level, and then had a 7-2 win over the USA.

The story of the day was as follows:

Women Round-robin Session 1:
The Korean women marked their nation's debut at the World Junior Curling Championships with a 10-7 win over Scotland - the most successful women's junior curling nation at this level - in their opening round-robin game at the Waldhaus Arena, Flims, Switzerland on Wednesday morning. This game went to an extra end, as did two other games of the opening women's session - Canada defeated the Czech Republic by 7-6 with a single steal in the extra end; while Switzerland beat USA by 7-6.
Sweden, who beat Denmark by 6-5; and Russia, victorious over Italy by 9-5, were the other winners in the women's opening session.

They said it:
Korean women's skip Kyeong-Ae Kim on winning their first ever game at a World Junior Curling Championship: “It is our first time at the World Junior Championships and we are not as relaxed as we would like to be. So that was a problem. I believe our next game will be much better. I felt a little nervous as there are so many teams of a high level here.”

Russians skip Alina Kovaleva on the defence of their World Junior Championship title: "We all feel very good. We like to win! Winning is a great feeling. We’ve done a lot of practising before this world championship.”

Women Session 2:
The three teams that have kept an unbeaten record after two sessions include hosts Switzerland, who beat the Czech Republic by 9-6 in this session. The other two undefeated teams are Canada, 8-6 winners over Italy; and Russia, who beat Sweden by 6-4. USA beat Korea by 16-3 in just seven ends; while Scotland had a last-stone single-point steam to beat Denmark by 8-7 - for both these teams this was a first win so far.

They said it:
Scottish skip Gina Aitken on her last-end steal: " Yes, it's always hard to play when you know what you need to do, but you have to play 100% in the last end."

Canadian Skip Kelsey Rocque on how the World Junior Championships feels in comparison to the Canadian Junior championships: "We don’t know any of the teams here, you are going into it blind every game. The teams are awesome here. We have some upper level competition. It’s great”.

USA third player Mackenzie Lank after her team's first win: "It feels good. I think we've got the ice all figured out and we're very confident coming in here."

Men Session 1:
In the men's division, it was Austria who were the debut nation at this level. They faced defending champions Scotland in their opener, and went down by 4-9. Russia were last season's losing finalists and they beat Canada by 8-6 in their opener. Hosts Switzerland opened with a 6-2 win over the USA while Italy beat Sweden by 9-3 and Norway emerged as 8-4 winners over China.

They said it:
Austrian skip Sebastian Wunderer after the first ever World Junior appearance for an Austrian Junior team on his impressions of Flims: "The whole rink is amazing, it is the best rink I’ve ever seen. The ice is incredible, the best ice I’ve ever played on. Everything is pretty good here."

Defending champion skip Kyle Smith of Scotland: "We got a win which is what we wanted, so that's a good start. It's really nice here, the weather's been great, the ice is very good and the stones are good too."

USA skip Jake Vukich following his 2-6 loss to Switzerland: "It was the first game, at a new club, and new ice and we're just figuring it all out. We’re lovin' it, this is a great adventure."

Men Session 2:
Defending champions Scotland continued their progress with a 7-2 win over USA to become one of four nations to retain unbeaten records after two sessions. The others are Italy, who beat Austria by 12-4 in this session; Norway, who had an 8-4 win over Switzerland; and Russia, 9-3 winners over China. Sweden beat Canada by 6-5 to record their first win, while this result means that Canada have lost their opening two games.

They said it:
Italian Skip Amos Mosaner on his team’s 12-4 win over Austria, second win of the day: “It was an important game for us, for our survival in this event. We gave it our all from the outset. Two victories on the first day - it’s important for us to get off to this strong start.”

Norway's third player Markus Skogvold after two wins: "That was a solid win for us and a good 2-0. We had a really good start, and had lots of rocks in the house and we forced them, so our game plan worked pretty OK."

Canada's skip Braden Calvert, after two losses: "We were just on the wrong side of the inch all day, and we weren't as sharp as we needed to be today. We're just going to sharpen up, have a good practice on the sheet we'll play tomorrow and we'll be good."


Session 1: Scotland 7, Korea 10 (extra end); Canada 7, Czech Republic 6 (extra end); Italy 5, Russia 9; Switzerland 7, USA 6 (extra end); Denmark 5, Sweden 6.

Session 2: Czech Republic 6, Switzerland 9; Korea 3, USA 16; Denmark 7, Scotland 8; Sweden 4, Russia 6; Canada 8, Italy 6.

Standings after 2 sessions:
Canada 2-0
Russia 2-0
Switzerland 2-0
Korea 1-1
Scotland 1-1
Sweden 1-1
USA 1-1
Czech Republic 0-2
Denmark 0-2
Italy 0-2.

Session 1: Russia 8, Canada 6; Scotland 9, Austria 4; USA 2, Switzerland 6; Italy 9, Switzerland 3; China 4, Norway 8.

Session 2: Austria 4, Italy 12; Canada 5, Sweden 6; China 3, Russia 9; Norway 8, Switzerland 4; Scotland 7, USA 2.

Standings after 2 sessions:
Italy 2-0
Norway 2-0
Russia 2-0
Scotland 2-0
Sweden 1-1
Switzerland 1-1
Austria 0-2
Canada 0-2
China 0-2
USA 0-2

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