Day 3 Roundup

Sweden women bounced back from a morning defeat to Canada to win against Korea Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Norway men and Russia women continue to top the rankings after the third day of round-robin play of the World Junior Curling Championships 2014, being staged in Flims, Switzerland.

Norway picked up two wins today, to make it five wins from five to leave them the only undefeated team in the World Junior Curling Championships.

They secured a 7-6 extra end win against Austria this morning and followed that up with a 7-6 win against reigning champions Scotland later in the afternoon.

Russia women meanwhile lost their first game of the Championship, 9-8 to hosts Switzerland in an extra end. They did however bounce back in their evening game as they defeated Denmark 10-4 in nine ends.

The story of the rest of the day was as follows:

Men Round-robin Session 4:
Norway maintained their 100% record, but only just. They were taken all the way to an extra end by newcomers Austria and finally won when their skip Eirik Mjoeen succeeded with a draw inside four Austrian counters with the game's last stone, to win by 7-6.

Switzerland and defending champions Scotland were in joint second place, on one loss each, but both had wins in this session.

Switzerland beat Russia by 8-7 while Scotland had a more comfortable 10-5 victory over Canada.

In the other games of the session, USA beat Italy by 7-4 while Sweden beat China by 9-2 in just seven ends.

They said it:
Sweden third Simon Granbom, after his seven-end win, said: "We played at a very high level in that game, so I'm pretty pleased with that. We would be pleased to have one more win. We thought we were the better team yesterday against Austria but we're on the way and we're getting our game together - we have good harmony."

Scotland skip Kyle Smith, after beating Canada, said: “We were just in the right frame of mind when we started today - we got off to a good start. He missed a draw in the third end when we stole a two and we were pretty much in control from then on."

Canada skip Braden Calvert, after losing to Scotland, said: "We got off to a slow start and we picked it up after the fifth end. We had a couple of bad breaks and a pick in the early ends - that doesn't help."

USA lead Kyle Lorvick, after beating Italy, said: "That was a much-needed win - it keeps us alive. It feels great to win. We weren't as timid as we had been earlier in the week, we played with a lot of confidence. It's amazing to be here, it's definitely unique and it's a great experience to have."

Women Session 5:
It took all the way to an extra end, but the Russian women lost their unbeaten record in this session, when they lost out by 8-9 to Switzerland.

This result meant that Russia and Switzerland now shared the lead overall, along with Korea who beat Denmark in this session by 9-5.

All the other three session winners were bouncing back from fourth session losses - Italy beat the Czech Republic by 6-4; Scotland were 7-4 winners over USA and Canada beat Sweden by 8-3.

They said it:
Canada skip Kelsey Rocque said: "That was a strong performance by the team overall. We had pretty good control of the game. I think that win will help our confidence a lot, we had two tough losses yesterday."

Switzerland skip Corina Mani on her chances of winning overall: “I don’t know, there’s a long way to go yet but we will see. This is only our second year together but we have been playing well. It feels great to have beaten Russia. We really felt quite tense throughout the game and I was especially nervous at the end of the extra end.”

Scotland skip Gina Aitken on her win over USA said: "We just came on determined to do well after last night's disappointment. We felt we were in control. We came on to play our best, and we did."

USA second, Anna Bauman, after her loss to Scotland, said: "From that game I think we discovered things we need to work on, like communication and sticking with every shot. I think we’re playing ok but I think we could do better. All of our other games we have been playing really well, I think this game may have just been a little bump but we can come back.”

Men Session 5:
Norway made it five wins from five with a narrow 7-6 win over Scotland to open up a two win lead on the rankings, over four teams tied in second position.

Newcomers Austria beat USA by 6-5 to record their second win, while China's 4-8 defeat at the hands of Canada mean they are still looking for their first win.

Other winners were Sweden, who beat Russia by 8-3 and Italy, who had an 8-6 victory over Switzerland.

They said it:
Norway skip Eirik Mjøen after his fifth straight win said: "It’s gone well. We’ve played well most games, but we’ve been a bit lucky too, especially in that last game against Scotland."

Scottish skip Kyle Smith after his loss to Norway said: "We played a terrible seventh end - we were three up. Losing two was acceptable, but losing three was daft."

USA third Evan McAuley after a 5-6 loss to Austria said: "It was painful out there. We always seem to do a lot better after a loss. We’ll hopefully come back swinging in the next one."

Canada skip Braden Calvert on competing at these Championships said: "It’s been unbelievable, (these Junior teams are) best in the world by far. At the Worlds there’s a lot of different styles of play which is very challenging. These teams are so good at what they do - they each have a different game plan so it makes it interesting."

Italy skip Amos Mosaner after his 8-6 win over Switzerland said: “It was a very difficult game. For us, it was important to win this game. We have two games tomorrow and two on Sunday, so we will see if we can make the play-offs.”

Women Session 6:
Two of the games in this session went to extra ends and while Sweden stole a single point to beat Korea by 6-5 in their extra end, the Czech Republic used last stone advantage to win their game against Scotland by 7-6.

Russia beat Denmark by 10-4 to move into a clear lead on the rankings on five wins and one loss.

The other winners in this session were Canada who beat Switzerland by 8-5 and the USA who beat Italy 11-4.

They said it:
Czech Republic skip Zuzuna Hakjova, after her extra end win over Scotland, said: "We're still alive! It was a big win, I thought after the previous game we were really down, but now I realise that we're still in the Championship."

Scotland skip Gina Aitken after her loss to the Czech Republic said: "You can't complain when she makes a good shot, and she made a good shot - she drew the pin."

Canada skip Kelsey Rocque after her second win of the day said: "It was a really big win tonight. We had a rough day yesterday and knew we had to come back strong today and we played two really good games."

Sweden skip Isabella Wranaa after her extra end win over Korea said: “I was pretty nervous because it wasn’t a great last end. We played really good though and I’m happy we didn’t give up when I missed a double, so we’re pretty happy about our performance tonight."

USA skip Cory Christensen after her win over Italy said: "That was much better than this morning. We didn't have our best game this morning, so it was really nice to go out and play well again. It's really exciting.”



Session 5:
Italy 6, Czech Republic 4; Denmark 5, Korea 9; Scotland 7, USA 4; Canada 8, Sweden 3; Switzerland 9, Russia 8 (extra end).

Session 6: Denmark 4, Russia 10; Czech Republic 7, Scotland 6; Switzerland 5, Canada 8; USA 11, Italy 4; Sweden 6, Korea 5.

Women’s standings after six sessions:

1. Russia 5-1
2. Canada 4-2
2. Korea 4-2
2. Switzerland 4-2
2. USA 4-2
6. Sweden 3-3
7. Czech Republic 2-4
7. Italy 2-4
7. Scotland 2-4
10. Denmark 0-6


Session 4:
Sweden 9, China 2; USA 7, Italy 4; Norway 7, Austria 6 (extra end); Switzerland 8, Russia 7; Canada 5, Scotland 10.

Session 5: USA 5, Austria 6; China 4, Canada 8; Russia 3, Sweden 8; Scotland 6, Norway 7; Italy 8, Switzerland 6.

Men’s standings after five sessions:

1. Norway 5-0
2. Italy 3-2
2. Scotland 3-2
2. Switzerland 3-2
2. Sweden 3-2
6. Austria 2-3
6. Canada 2-3
6. Russia 2-3
6. USA 2-3
10. China 0-5

The medal games for both junior men and junior women, take place on Wednesday March 5, 2014.

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