Day 5 – End of Junior Women’s round-robin

Team Korea finish round robin at top of standings Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

The Korean women beat both Italy and the Czech Republic in Sunday's concluding round-robin sessions in the World Junior Curling Championships 2014 to top the rankings and go into the Page 1v2 play-off where they will face Canada.

Meanwhile three teams - Russia, Sweden and Switzerland tied in third place. Because of their better record in games among the three, Russia move directly into the Page 3v4 game, while Sweden and Switzerland will play a tie-breaker to decide the fourth play-off place.

The winner of the 1v2 game will proceed directly to the final to compete for the gold medals. The loser will then play the winner of the 3v4 Page play-off in the sole semi-final.

The winner of the semi-final will then go on to play in the gold medal game while the loser will play the loser of the 3v4 play-off for the bronze medals.

At the other end of the table, Scotland and Italy played each other in a winner-takes-all final round robin-game.

Scotland won this by 8-7 to grab the last available direct European qualification slot for next year's World Junior Championship, while Italy, along with tenth placed Denmark, will now need to contest and win the European Junior Curling Challenge if they are to return next year.

Round-robin Session 8:
All four teams that were tied at the top of the table going into this session recorded wins: Canada beat Scotland by 7-6; Korea had a 7-5 win over Italy, Russia beat the Czech Republic 7-2 and Switzerland had a 10-8 victory over Denmark. The fifth winner in this session was Sweden, who beat the USA by 9-3.

These results meant that only those five winners retained the possibility of reaching the Page play-offs to keep their medal hopes alive.

They said it:
Korea coach Kyung-Seog Kim after his team's win over Italy said: “This is our first time at the World Junior Championship. Every game has been against great teams but it has been a challenging and exciting experience for the girls.”

Canada second Taylor McDonald, on the game against Scotland, said: “It wasn’t our strongest performance, we made the shots we needed to but Scotland played really well. It was awesome to play in a game against Scotland, we really enjoyed the experience. I guess there’s a little bit of extra pressure with the old rivalry but it was great to play them and good fun."

Russia coach Anders Kraupp on his team's win against the Czech Republic said: “It was a nice victory, the team was very patient – they didn’t work too fast, were not too eager, and waited for the right situation and they played very well in the situations where they should play well."

Session 9:
Canada scored a record-equalling seven points in the eighth end of their game against Denmark on their way to a 12-5 win and a place in the Page 1v2 play-off game, where they will face table-topping Korea, who beat the Czech Republic by 8-6.

This is the first time a Korean junior women's team has reached so far into a World Junior Curling Championship event.

Despite losing by 7-8 to the USA, Russia finished in third place and will face the winner of a tie-breaker between Sweden and Switzerland in the Page 3v4 game.

Sweden beat Switzerland by 7-6 in this session to keep their medal hopes alive and force the tie-breaker.

Scotland beat Italy by 8-7 in their showdown to grab the last available direct European place in next season's World Junior Curling Championship line-up.

They said it:
Scotland skip Gina Aitken, on the importance of her win against Italy, said: "It had crossed my mind (how important this win was). I feel very relieved; I was just thinking about the stone, I wasn't thinking about the consequences."

Canada skip Kelsey Rocque, on her score of seven points, said: “They had an unfortunate break in that end and we were fortunate enough to capitalise. It was the wrong side of the inch for Denmark with a lot of their stones in that end.”

Sweden skip Isabella Wranaa, on the win that forced the tie-breaker, said: “We played really good tonight. Of course there was pressure – it was to continue in this competition. We had good fun which is the best thing you can do in a game like this. Tomorrow we need to continue focusing, having fun and enjoy playing."



Session 8: Korea 7, Italy 5; Switzerland 10, Denmark 8; USA 3, Sweden 9; Scotland 6, Canada 7; Russia 7, Czech Republic 2.

Session 9: Switzerland 6, Sweden 7; USA 8, Russia 7; Canada 12, Denmark 5; Czech Republic 6, Korea 8; Italy 7, Scotland 8.

Women’s final standings after round-robin:
1. Korea 7-2 (to play Canada in Page 1v2 play-off)
2. Canada 7-2 (to play Korea in Page 1v2 play-off)
3. Russia 6-3 (to play winner of tie-breaker in 3v4 play-off)
4. Sweden 6-3 (to play Switzerland in tie-breaker)
4. Switzerland 6-3 (to play Sweden in tie-breaker)
6. USA 5-4
7. Czech Republic 3-6
8. Scotland 3-6
9. Italy 2-7
10. Denmark 0-9

Monday March 3, 2014 (all times CET)

Women’s Tiebreaker (14:00)
Sweden v Switzerland

Women’s Page play-offs (19:00)
1v2: Korea v Canada
3v4: Russia v winner of tie-breaker

Tuesday March 4, 2014

Men’s Page play-offs (12:00)

Men’s & Women’s semi-finals (18:00)

Wednesday March 5, 2014
Women’s medal games (09:00)
Men’s medal games (13:00)

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