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Sander and Sara hard at work on the commentary Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Curling fans around can follow live coverage of the event via the World Curling Federation’s YouTube Channel which is embedded here on the homepage of the event website.

The live coverage from Flims is produced by the World Curling Federation in collaboration with Sweden's LiveChannel.

Put your questions to our commentators Sander Rølvåg and Sara Carlsson by using the hashtag #wjcc2014 on Twitter or posting them up on the @worldcurling Twitter feed or event facebook page

About Sander and Sara:

Sander Rølvåg from Norway, has been curling since 2006. He played lead on the team that won bronze at the world juniors in Perth, Scotland in 2011 and finished fourth at the 2012 world junior championships in Östersund, Sweden.

Sara Carlsson, from Sweden, is a World Women's Curling Champion (playing second on Anette Norberg's team at the World Championships in Esbjerg, Denmark 2011). Sara competed at the World Juniors in 2008 in Östersund, Sweden, taking silver with Cecilia Östlund's team, losing the final to Scotland's Eve Muirhead.

Both Sander and Sara work as commentators for national television broadcasters in Norway (TV2) and Sweden (TV4 & Viasat) as well as doing commentary for the World Curling TV coverage. Here in Flims, they are doing the commentary in English – which is, needless to say, not their native language. Don’t they do an amazing job... so you can forgive them when they slip into Norwegian or Swedish on a rare occasion… ;-)

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